Behind the Brick Way

The true power and amazing success behind The Brick Way are our people. The people who lead, the people who help those who lead, the people who sell, the people who buy and handle logistics, the people who deliver, the people who provide service…in a word "you!"

The Brick is a company that customers can trust to keep its promise

- Dave Freeman, President

Watch our video to learn more about The Brick Way from our employees.

What You Can Learn From The Brick Way

  • A sense of pride in our history and future potential
  • Its all about us – without each one of us there is no Brick Way!
  • How The Brick Way is a path we walk everyday

"Nobody Beats The Brick!" is more than just a slogan – its an integral part of The Brick Way – its all about our sales culture and customer service promise.

– Dale Oleschko, National Director Learning & Recruitment